El Plomo 5.430m.

Climb with us the biggest mountain in Santiago


It’s a circuit that will let us conquer the highest hill that can be seen from Santiago, making it one of the biggest andinist challenges of the capital. This is an expedition of high mountain that requires a little more of physical and mental preparation. The hill is 5.430 m high and has a privilege view in comparison to the rest of the high summits from the Andes Mountain, as the famous Aconcagua, Tupungato, Juncal and Marmolejo.

 There are two glaciers in this area, responsible for the water in the Mapocho river and they have an important archaeological history as well, because there have found rests of Inca culture from 1954 in them. They found the rests of a mummified child of 8 or 9 years and some stone structures that tell us that this hill was a sanctuary of height for the Incas.

 The Plomo hill, was chosen to build the most important sanctuary of the sacred complex from the austral part of the Inca empire. This was because of the height and size of the hill and because of its big glaciers, its view form far away and from other places that were suitable to install more sanctuaries.

On the other hand, the location of this hill made them related it automatically with the winter solstice and the fact that the Mapocho river starts in its base made it even more important. It is possible that this hill had a sacred connotation for the people of the valley before the Inca domination. 

Price calendar date
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4 día(s)
Minimum age

Per person

Price from
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Price per couple (per person)
$0 CLP / $0 USD
Price 3 - 6 persons
$0 CLP / $0 USD
Price 7 - 10 persons
$0 CLP / $0 USD

Whats include?

  • common camping equipment
  • technical equipment
  • Transportation
  • Tour Guides
  • Satelital Phone
  • All meals
  • Mountain guide (spanish /english)
  • Horsemen and mules to transport cargo
  • Full kitchen equipment
  • Dining tent (with tables and chairs)

Whats no include?

• Personal mountain equipment

• Hotel accommodation in Santiago

• Transfer to the airport

• Any other service not mentioned in the program. (restaurant meals, drinks, laundry , tips, etc. )

• National or international flights and boarding fees .


  • Day 1: Santiago- Piedra Numerada 3.400 m.s.n.m.
  • Day 2: Piedra Numerada- Federación 4.200 m.s.n.m.
  • Day 3: Federación- Cumbre (top of the mountain) 5.424 m.s.n.m.- Federación
  • Day 4: Federación- Santiago.

Whats to bring

• Wool or Polar Cap

• Balaclava / balaclava

• 2 polypropylene or long sleeve T-shirts

• Polar Windstoper.

• Waterproof jacket (Gore Tex , Triple Point or similar)

• Feather Reaper with cap.

• Thin gloves of polypropylene

• Waterproof gloves

• Feather mittens T ° - 20 ° C or lower.

Lower body part:


    • A pair of long briefs of polypropylene or similar.

    • Trekking trousers.

    • Windproof pants (Gore Tex, Triple Point or similar).

    • 2 pairs of thin socks (liners).

    • 2 pairs of thermal socks.

    • Leggings.

    • Boots or hiking shoes.

    • Hiking boots (dual boot).


           Personal equipment:


        • Ice ax (70 cm or more)

        • Crampons

        • Trekking poles (telescopic)

        • Sleeping bag (T ° lower than -20 ° C)

        • Inflatable mattress or foam

        • Expedition backpack (80 liters or +)

        • Attack Backpack (40 liters approx.)

        • Headlamp with extra batteries.

• Sun glasses.

• Goggles.

• 2 bottles of water (1 liter each).

• A liter thermos.

• Protective Sunscreen (SPF 30).

• Lip Sunscreen (SPF 30).

• Whistle, emergency mirror and pocket knife.

• cleaning supplies.

• Camera , Book , mp3 (optional).



The appropriate time of year to carry out this activity is Spring Summer in Chile. You can ask a question about the feasibility by contacting us


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