Trekking to the Natural Monument “El Morado”.


We will begin this adventure at the meeting point in Santiago and then we will follow the G21 route near the Maipo river. We will have the chance to see some beautiful mountain villages on the way to our destination, such as San José de Maipo, San Alfonso, San Gabriel and El Volcán, to finally arrive in Baños Morales, which is the last of the mountain villages and the place where our adventure really begins.     

 After about 15 minutes of instruction, to learn techniques of how to use the equipment and to familiarize with the snow rackets, we will make a short steep stretch, as a way of getting our selves ready for the journey.

 This is a medium difficulty physical and technical trekking, were we will get in the National Park “El Morado” and have the chance of appreciating many of the highest hills of the Andes Mountains, such us  San José Volcano, Marmolejo, Punta Panimavida, Chacaya, among others.

 We will walk for a couple of hours through the National park until we find the Panimavida waters, where we will have the opportunity to see how spring water with a lot of minerals and healing powers also, emerge from the source. In this place we will have a special treasure hunt designed for the kids, with maps and a treasure they will have to find, digging up in the spot that is indicated in the map. 

 After this activity, we will have a picnic specially prepared for recovering our energies at this kind of expeditions.  

 Once we get our energy back, we will start our way back, through the same route. As we are going down this time, the way back will not be so physically demanding and we will have the chance of taking pictures or recording. 

 The way back to Baños Morales should take us about an hour.

Price calendar date
$0 CLP / $0 USD
1 día(s)
Minimum age

Per person

Price from
$0 CLP / $0 USD
Price per couple (per person)
$0 CLP / $0 USD
Price 3 - 6 persons
$0 CLP / $0 USD
Price 7 - 10 persons
$0 CLP / $0 USD

Whats include?

  • Guide.
  • Lunch box (sandwich, chocolate, dried fruits, cereal bar, water).
  • 4x4 jeep transportation from Santiago and back.
  • Snow rackets.
  • Entrance to the park.

Whats no include?

  • Extra meals.
  • Accommodations.  


  • 08:00 – Departure from Santiago.
  • 10:00 – Arrival to Baños Morales.
  • 10:30 – Begining of the activity.
  • 15:00 – End of the activity
  • 16:00 – Return to Santiago.

Whats to bring

  • Cold weatherand snow clothing. 
  • Cup or hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Buff or scarf.
  • Long sleeve shirt or first layer.
  • Second layer, shirt or polar.
  • Third layer or impermeable jacket.
  • Couple pair of snow gloves.
  • First lower body layer or hose.
  • Snow or impermeable trousers.
  • Couple Long socks.
  • Bring boots or snow shoes.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Sun screen.
  • A Litre of wáter / juice per person.
  • Backpack.      



The appropriate time of year to carry out this activity is Autumn Winter in Chile. You can ask a question about the feasibility by contacting us


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